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TPO Roof Restoration with Lexis Roof Coatings
JB Hunt
Dothan, AL

An 18 year old, Duro-last roof system that was leaking at seams and flashings. The owner need a cost-effective alternative to roof replacement and Lexis Coatings fit the bill perfectly.

Metal Roof Restoration with Lexis Roof Coatings
Tractor Supply Company
Gainesville, FL

A 57,000sf metal building in Gainesville, Florida with a trapezoidal standing seam metal roof. Lexis roof coatings was used to stop the roof leaks throughout the building.

Concrete Roof Coating in Guam

This newly constructed 18,800sf building at the Andersen AFB in Guam has a concrete roof primed with PrimeLock Epoxy Primer and coated with 45 dry mils of EnergyMax Silicone Coating to keep it cool and leak-free.

Modified Bitumen Roof Restored with Roof Coatings
Air Reserve Base
March ARB, CA

A seamless, watertight Lexis silicone coating system on this modified bitumen roof fixed all roof leaks.

Uncoated Modified Bitumen Roof
Mobile, AL

Metal Roof Restored with Roof Coatings
Duck Commander
West Monroe, LA

Duck Dynasty could never hide their roofing problems on the show until we came along. We restored the Duck Commander warehouse into a seamless roof with a metal roof coating.

Modified Bitumen Roof Restoration with Lexis Roof Coatings
Phenix City, AL

Applebee’s in Phenix City, Alabama had numerous leaks on their modified bitumen roof. Dry Topps used Lexis roof coatings to restore the roof and the job was completed on time and within budget.

Metal Roof Restored with Lexis Roof Coatings
Sandy Sansing Chevrolet
Pensacola, FL

This metal roof was leaking so bad technicians wore raincoats inside the shop at Sandy Sansing Chevrolet in Pensacola, Florida. Lexis roof coating system stopped all the leaks on the roof and interior gutters.

Metal Roof Coating in Lake Park, GA
Colonial Bag Company
Lake Park, GA

Saved 50% over retrofitting costs! Colonial Bag Company was initially looking at a single-ply retrofit system but decided to restore the roof with Lexis roof coatings.

Rusted Metal Roof Before Coating
Applied Thermal
Chattanooga, TN

This 100-year old metal building is badly rusted and leaking especially after a severe hailstorm. Lexis Coatings solved the leaks and renewed the roof within the budget of their insurance company.

Metal Roof Restored with Roof Coatings
Lockheed Martin
Greenville, SC

The airplane hangars at Lockheed Martin in Greenville, SC are over 40 years of old. All rusted with numerous coats of aluminized asphalt applied. SGC Roof Restoration used metal roof coatings to restore 5 hangars.

Metal Roof Coating Application
Naval Base
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

A metal roof previously coated with aluminized asphalt. Limited budget, check. Stop leaks, check. Done in a few days, check-check.

Silicone Roof Coating Applied on Concrete Roof with Power Roller
Base Exchange
Andersen AFB, GU

Structural cracks on this concrete roof required a custom, lab-tested solution. Lexis Silicone Coatings not only delivered. We exceeded.

Single Ply Roof Restored with Roof Coatings

Lexis Coatings was used to seal the roof and stop the leaks on this single ply roof. It leaked right above the main entrance. It was not only annoying, it was a safety issue as well.

Metal Roof Coating on Tin Roof
CT Walker School
Augusta, GA

Seamlessly Beautiful. CT Walker was looking for a high build roof coating with the same brick red color as the rest of the school.

Flat Roof Coating Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA

Air conditioning can account for 30% of the operating costs of a business. Roof Coatings reflect up to 90% of the sun's heat.