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Roof Coating Arizona

A roof coating will extend the life of your roof by significantly reducing thermal shock (expansion and contraction) and lower your cooling costs by reducing heat transfer into the building.

What types of roof can be coated?

Almost all types of roofs can be coated. Metal, built-up, modified bitumen, concrete, spray foam and single-ply. We typically do not recommend coatings on shingles, ballasted and gravel surfaced membranes.

How are roof coatings applied?

Pressure Washing a Metal Roof

The roof must be thoroughly cleaned, and allowed to dry thoroughly.

Priming a Metal Roof

Sometimes optional. Primers ensure good adhesion of the coating to the roof.

Waterproofing a metal roof

Seal all seams, flashing and penetrations.

Installing roof coating on a metal roof.
Seamless Coating

Apply the elastomeric coating by sprayer, spreader or roller.

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Why Do You Need  A Roof Coating Contractor?

Not all roofers know how to install coatings. They prefer to replace roofs because they get a chance to start over at your cost. Roof coating contractors build a seamless roofing membrane on site. Any roof problems are fixed before the final coating is applied. This is done at a much lower price than roof replacement and with minimum downtime.

My building is in Arizona, is it ok to hire a contractor that's out of state?

Definitely! A lot of roof coating contractors travel out of state for work.

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